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  • Released June 30, 2022
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I actually decided to participate.. which may or may not be good!

Presenting to you, the classic mouse & cat duo from the old age - Tom & Jerry! I mean, Itchy and Scratchy.. in their very iconic vehicles that they totally drive in the show!

This mod contains:

  • Very few missions 🤓
  • Violence
  • (more or less) Weapons
  • More violence
  • A (lazily) designed custom map
  • A (not) very colorful tint!
  • An intro that I am prouder of, than I am of the mod!

Additionally, this mod has a bunch of good o’ classic songs for you to enjoy!


I took about 2 days to work on this mod, I was very busy most of the month. I don’t necessarily think this is that good of a mod, given I had more time to work on it, but I still wanted to bring something unique to the competition!