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Latest version 2.0

  • Released May 30, 2019


Simpsons Hit & Run Randomiser

The Randomiser

This mod allows for randomising vehicles, characters and more throughout the game.


Download the mod from the Version History tab above or the Releases page on GitHub.

Don’t download the repository by clicking Clone or download.

Copy the mod file (.lmlm) to your Mods folder (usually Documents\My Games\Lucas’ Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher\Mods).

Run the Mod Launcher and change the settings to match your needs, then play the game.

All possible randomisations are available in separate settings.


Questions about the mod or development can be asked on our Discord Server.


Please see the README on GitHub for information on settings.

Potential Limitations/Issues

  • Missions will spawn you where you start if you restart the mission once, this is because adding a forced car teleports you.

  • The list of cars to chose from is built into the script and so if you use mods which add extra cars they won’t be chosen, and if a mod removes cars the game will crash if the randomiser picks it.

  • Your car will vanish at the end of the mission, even if you are in it. Again this is because of how forced cars work.

  • There is a spot where random characters will be sat in mid air. This is due to how passengers/drivers work.


Mod authors are EnAppelsin, Proddy, Sparrow and Gadie.

Thanks to the following people for helping with the development and testing of this mod:

Gibstack, Kuinn, Jake, LiquidWiFi, Loren, Nytheris, Pepperdork