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Latest version 1.0

  • Released June 30, 2022
Experience the game as if it was a cheesy silent B-MovieExplore an increasingly destroyed SpringfieldPlay through 4.5 ghoulish missionsCollect horrifying monster cardsFace the real frustrations of trying to read speech cards that are too fast/slow


You fled in terror during the Attack of the 50ft Eyesores!

You were mildly afraid of The Ghosts of Christmas Presents!

But now, brace yourself for the newest horror to infect Hit & Run:

Mod Logo

It Came From Springfield is a long lost silent movie from 1929. However, thanks to major perseverance and a bucketload of free time, it has been restored and remastered to the best possible quality it can be. I even colorized it for you.

Note: Due to the majority of the music being copyrighted, I wouldn’t recommend playing it on Youtube if you care about being monitized. The main 4 missions are copyright free, however everything else from the Sunday Drive to the Hit & Run music and even the music that plays while walking about isn’t.

Known Issues:

  • The old-timer overlay is a little bit screwy. It vanishes in menus and whenever there’s an irisor fade in/out.
  • The “Black and White Beast” is spelt in all caps in the phoebooth, with is a small issue but it’s annoying enough to mention. I completely forgot to check it’s name until after I finished uploading the mod.
  • Restarting “Hungry for More” before the checkpoint will spawn you at the wrong place.
  • Uncollected cards in the menu still show the Buzz Cola card background